Shopify for Wearable

Client: Figur8 offers the only wearable system for real-time 3D body and muscle movement tracking. The system brings high accuracy sensing standards out of the lab for everyday usage.

Situation:¬†Figur8 is a fast growing technology company from US. Team is preparing their product launch to international markets. They were looking for highly flexible e-commerce platform that would mach up their flexible and versatile solution. Studies show that the average customer forms their opinion of a brand within 0.5 seconds of entering it’s site, and 38% of customers will stop engaging with a website if they find it unattractive. Therefore speed, design flow and simplicity was the backbone of the project.


Due to the nature of the company and fast-changing client needs Shopify was selected as key e-commerce platform to build. Shopify makes it easier to design, develop and launch e-commerce stores than any other platform, but it is also highly expandable and customisable.

  • Competitor analysis;
  • Page wireframe creation;
  • Shopify account setting;
  • Website design;
  • E-commerce set up – product and their descriptions;
  • Customised forms;
  • Domain transfer and analytics set up.
figur8 webpage


  • Content
  • css
  • Design
  • html
  • Shopify