Delete Bullying

The Challenge: Every day Lithuanian youngsters spend 4 hours online. ~20% of them report about having experienced cyberbullying in digital media. We were asked to inform youngsters about internet safety.

Insight: Most youngsters spend most of their online time on social media platforms. Main social network page is Facebook, which has 200 000 13-18yr. audience.

Our Approach:  We developed special Facebook page – “Delete Bulling” which targeted youngsters as primary audience. Page was a part of special awareness raising strategy. Everyday we shared content about social media security settings, practical tips how to be safe online, facts and statistics about cyberbullying. Campaign spoke with youngsters in their own language. Active social media campaign was implemented for 2 months.

13-18yr. Facebook users were invited to participate in discussion: How they fight cyberbullying in their surroundings? Youngsters were encouraged to share their stories and advises for peers. One of the participants won a bean bag and other 9 shining key chains.


  • Content reach about 62% of target group (124 000) 13-18yr. unique users on Facebook.
  • Engagement rate raised above 2,7%.
  • 740 new Facebook fans were attracted to page.
  • Contest generated unique content and had 40 participants.
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