Animated Videos for the Parents And Children

Situation: Lithuanian Library for the Blind has wanted to create an animated video about blind people for the children in the 1-4 grades. This video would be shown at the beginning of the lesson, during which the lecturer or teacher would tell more about people who can’t see. Additionally, the library has suggested an idea to share this animated video on social media networks (Facebook, YouTube) in order to raise awareness.

After the discussion, we have decided to create two animated videos – one for children and another for their parents. Due to a tight budget, both videos are based on the same concept, but their beginning and ending parts differ.


Video for children.

Illustrations: Milda Griciūnė
Animation: Justas Griciūnas
Voice: Arminas Bogusevičius

Video for parents:

The animated videos have been supported by Facebook posts in Lithuanian. These messages have revealed more details on how to treat blind people. Additional advertising budget has been used for these posts. Special thanks to our trainee Ieva Gelžinytė.





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